Cyril Gray Competition 2008 – results

July 2, 2008

Trent team: Halmshaw, Sanders, Harrison, Lethbridge, Raven, Rainsford, Cutts. Absent: Ingle

This is a knock-out competition for old boys of public schools, played annually at Worplesden Golf Club, Surrey. 32 teams of six players compete; all players are over 50 years of age. The format is foursomes, played off scratch. (No strokes given)

Trent were again fielding an enthusiastic but ageing team. In the first round we met a very strong King’s Canterbury, plate finalists in 2006, and lost 3 matches to nil. Representing Trent were David Harrison and Terry Lethbridge, Chris Rainsford and Graheme Sanders, Miles Raven and Chris Cutts.

This put us in the subsidiary plate competition, and in the first round we found ourselves playing City of London. Mike Ingle came in for Sanders, and John Halmshaw for Raven.

We managed to win by 2 matches to 1, with one halved. Harrison and Cutts won 3/2, Rainsford and Ingle won by 1 hole, Lethbridge and Halmshaw halved.

In the second round we replaced Harrison and Cutts with Raven and Sanders, but lost 2 – 0 to Ampleforth, with Rainsford and Ingle halving their match.

Once again we all enjoyed the event thoroughly, and were very pleased to have a new player in Mike Ingle. However, we are very short of players in their 50s, and would appeal to any OT golfers who would like a shot in this competition to come forward.

Please contact Chris Cutts on 01636 672316 or or on the Trent golf website